Turning Sex Into Money

I have a very straightforward approach to what people should and should not be allowed to do. Basically, if an activity is done by grown ups of their own free will and does not hurt anyone or does not take somebody's property without permission, it should be allowed. If people want to take drugs they should be allowed to do so. If someone wants to get stoned and then remain stoned then that is their choice. If somebody wants to sell their body for sensuality, then they should be allowed to. And if someone wants to pay another grown up for sensuality then that should be allowed, as long as the other person is an adult and agrees of their own free will.

Doing business with escort girls has some unusual challenges and I have worked very hard for several years to make sure that my escort firms do the best job imaginable for both a Benidorm escort that we work with and the clients who pay to have sex with them. It is not always easy to please whores because they always want more business. They also hate it when other girls get business that they think should be theirs. Managing that competition and envy is the most difficult problem in managing an escort business. It is hard to keep everyone happy, but you have to do the best you can.

People who have never worked in the sensuality industry think that it is glamorous and erotic. I suppose it is like people who have never worked in a sports car factory who think that is must be really exciting to have all that superb engineering around constantly. Both groups of people are wrong. There is nothing exciting about making cars until they are out on the road. And there is not much that is glamorous or erotic in the sensuality industry even though there are always the sexy and beautiful women I suppose. Sex is a straightforward job like any other. It is certainly a matter of business the same as any other business. There are clients to take care of, suppliers to deal with, and staff and resources to manage.

When a woman really enjoys sensuality with a man, that man is almost guaranteed to want more time with her. And when the woman is a whore, when a man wants more time that means more money for the lady. In the sensuality industry, more time is more money. If you are a whore, enjoying sensuality is the best way to make more money.A woman who really enjoys sensuality will always make good money as a high class professional prostitute. Men always know when a woman is genuinely enjoying sex. Whether they know it consciously or not, men always know when a woman is pretending to enjoy herself during sex.


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