Beautiful Women Are Smarter

Well, alright, no they are not. But a lot of very powerful research is now proving what people have always known but not been willing to accept or talk about as it just seems too unfair; beautiful people get away with all sorts of shit that ugly people do not. The halo effect of beauty makes people seem more intelligent, trustworthy, honest, more capable. It makes us more likely to hire them, take their word for things, do what they ask. And the evidence gathered by all the authors is overwhelming and extremely clear. Good looking people get paid more, get promoted and are more successful than their less attractive peers because the “halo effect” of their beauty means that their good traits get amplified and their poor traits minimized.

You can understand why this would be an important topic for someone who spends their waking hours working with Barbies Babes Escort Agency. My life has me surrounded by and interacting with some of the most beautiful, glamorous and sexy women in the Cheshire, Manchester and Leeds in particular, which is a pretty high bar to reach in the first place.

The best books on the subject by far is Honey Money: The Power Of Erotic Capital, Beauty Pays: Why Attractive people Are More Successful and The Beauty Bias. They are all slightly over-careful as they were written by academics in the full knowledge that they were going to be attacked, vilified and receive huge negative personal publicity (if they were lucky!)

My job is to work with the owners of those agencies to market those women, and to shape the perception of those women that prospective clients have. I also have to work with people whose lives have been spent knowing that beauty brings them advantages, and have perfected the art and science of using erotic capital and beauty bias to their advantage.

Most of the people that I work with are used to the advantages that beauty brings and expect the world (and everyone in it) to treat them in the ways they have come to expect. It is not that the world owes them a living; it is more that the world has always taken care of them because they look so damned good.


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