An Escorts Thoughts On Relationships

I have been a professional high-class escort for just over eight years. In those eight years I have had sex with more than a thousand men. And in those eight years I have also had four long personal romantic relationships. So, as with an expert witness testifying in a courtroom, I hope that I have established that my thoughts about sex, men, and relationships are those of a real expert.

I feel that I ought to make one point at the outset, which is that I am not at all sure that monogamy and marriage are actually great ideas for a lot of women. I could be cynical and say that the only exception is if the man is really rich because at least then you could arrive at your boredom in style. But I guess that if you are just with a man because of his money and lifestyle then you are really just exchanging money for sex. And exchanging money for sex effectively makes you precisely the same as a high class escort London who has sex with men for money. I would say that if the man in your life is not supplying you with the benefits of a magnificently luxurious lifestyle but simply ignores you while you do a hundred per cent of the work and effort and work to keep the relationship on an even keel, then you are not getting much from the relationship.
Some people stay with their romantic partner just so that they can say that they are married, as though that gives them some sort of special status. In my honest opinion, a woman would probably be treated far better if she was single and being seduced, wooed and courted by a number of men sequentially or by several men in parallel. And pretty much every woman would find that she had a lot less of unpleasant work on her hands if she was single again.
Women who do not have the large experience that professional escorts do need to realise just how staggeringly insecure most men truly are, sexually and emotionally. In truth, a woman can never give a man sufficient admiring looks, unexpected sexual affection, compliments and gentle touches. Maintain that level of attention and a man will be putty in any woman's hands. Except, of course when he is rock hard in her hands. Males need to feel needed and wanted in exactly the same way that women do.
In our society it is not socially acceptable or easy for males to ask for what they need sexually and emotionally as it is for women. A woman can say when her sexual and emotional needs are not being met by her man. Unfortunately males express that inability to communicate through moody and sullen silence. And men also, obviously, visit escorts and sex workers such as me where they can just talk to a lady who will listen to them without passing any judgement and also have their sexual needs met.


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