I Am A Call Girl Who Likes Variety

I am a call girl and I am totally happy telling people that. But I have a little confession make. I am addicted to watching Mountain Men on the TV. I have just watched a programme where two hunting dogs called Turbo and Capone were hunting mountain lions with their owner. What the heck does this have to do with me being an escort' Well, one of the mountain men stars said that he has always loved getting up in the morning and not knowing what was coming next. Yep, that sounds about right when
escort girl unzipping the back of white cocktail dress
you are working as an escort. And no, I am not going to make any jokes about escorts waking up and not knowing what (or who) was coming next. Fill in your own joke as you please.

While I do have some pre-bookings so that I can plan my working days around them, most of the time the escort agencies that I work with as I travel around tend to make bookings for anything between five minutes and three hours ahead of time. And yes, I am serious about five minutes. That is what life is like for a working girl in Ibiza. When I am a call girl in Tenerife I get a lot more notice. And in London, even more again. But in any case I rarely wake up knowing what the day will bring.

Let me give you an example from a single day last year. The day started with a call at six in the morning when I went to see a guy in his room at a nice hotel. Unfortunately he could not persuade his friends to go back to their rooms and leave us alone. So after nearly an hour of failing, he finally persuaded me to join him in the (fortunately large) bathroom. There were then two other bookings that morning that were perfectly straightforward. I spent lunchtime at the gym and then in the afternoon a client I had met before contacted the escort agency and asked if I fancied accompanying him to Geneva for a couple of days. Having agreed the fee and sorting out the wardrobe I then found out that I was going to be flown out join him by private jet. So from banging in a bathroom to private jet in less than twelve hours. Beat that for variety, Mountain Men!


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