Beautiful But Paranoid Escorts

Lots of women care about what they look good naked. Lots of women are paranoid about whether they are good in bed. Most women want to be seen as beautiful. The majority of women like their style and the way they dress to be appreciated. Now imagine the pressure when your income depends on all four of those things. Well, that is every day reality when you are an escort. I know lots of escort agencies get frustrated or angry with escorts who keep asking about work, looking for reassurance about their looks or comparing the work they get with what other girls get. I am not one of those, I just work hard so that I do not have to be paranoid. But I absolutely understand my “sisters” who do have that problem. And I wish more escort agency owners and receptionists would understand it too. Being an escort is hard enough without being paranoid about normal female concerns too. “Does my
brunette escort girl in black lace underwear
bum look big in this?” is not a conversation an escort should need to bother herself with.

I work really hard on my fitness and wherever I am working I have a personal trainer working with me. I have my hair done once a week. I update my make up completely at least four times a year. And I invest in a new dress, pair of shoes or lingerie at least once a month. I am actually very frugal and casual in my non-working life, which is probably just as well as I have worked out that it costs me about ten thousand euros a year just maintaining my professional persona. So I like to work with escort agencies such as Gran Canaria Beauties who really understand what it is like to be an escort, and do their best to make everything as smooth and easy as profitable as possible for their working girls.

I appreciate the work that the escort agencies put in too. I know it is not easy for them to get clients through the door and to get everything and everyone in the same place at the same time. But I also know that they do not suffer from the pressures and physical hard work that escorts like me do. So I really only want to work with escort agencies who offer me the same respect that I show them.  

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