Adult Industry Takeover

They had first had contact with (come across?) Besnik about three years ago. And that experience made enough of an impression on him that he had been very happy to come to a friendly and beneficial agreement. He had realised that it was probably a hell of a lot better than the alternative.

It had started quietly enough. A couple of their clubs were approached by Romanian gentlemen looking to supply them with girls. The managers at the clubs could not tell if they were gangsters or not as, frankly, all Romanian males that are not working on farms look like gangsters to western European eyes. In the same week some escort agencies in London had a batch of Romanian escorts approach them. Even more than usual. And they were very stressed about whether they were listed by the agency or not. This raised eyebrows but not alarms. Once is happen stance.

The next week more escort agencies were approached by a batch of Romanian girls. This time in Ibiza and Barcelona. And four clubs in Barcelona. And one in Madrid. It still could have been nothing, but Willie and Modesty started to think about When-Then scenarios. Twice is coincidence.

Within the next ten days all of their lap dancing clubs, strip clubs, hotels and escort agencies were barraged with girls who were obviously being pimped by third parties or their “Romeo” boyfriend/pimps. Which did not make Willie or Modesty happy. For all sorts of reasons. Three times is enemy action.

So they put the feelers out to see if the same had happened to anyone else, or whether they were being targeted specifically. It turned out to be pretty much a coordinated strategy, but aimed in a spray and pray fashion to everyone in the adult business in western Europe. Even the Russians had been approached. Which was either stupid, ignorant or ballsy beyond compare.

So it was time for their plans to be activated. The bad thing about organised crime as far as the police are concerned is that it is basically not that organised. An “organisation” is normally just a group of people pulling their own stunts and kicking cash upward to their boss. Who pays cash to their boss, who pays cash to their boss... so unless you can follow the cash money (which is impossible, no mater what you might see on the movies) you cannot work out who is ultimately behind an individual or small gang. And those normal approaches gave Willie and Modesty zero trouble. They always managed them quietly and discreetly.

But people doing the same thing at the same time in the same way, in lots of different countries? That was something else. It was organised. Structured. Controlled. And if something is controlled you can find the controller. Provided you have the resources, the skills and the stones to do it.


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