In Spain, rather than remarkably unsophisticated places such as Northern Ireland, acquiring sex as well as selling it is simply regarded as a business agreement between two consenting adults. The Spanis have never had any laws regarding the purchase or sale of sex. Which is slightly strange as there is a law for everything else, many of which are hangovers from the tightly socially controlled fascist era under General Franco. So, in practise, as long as you are not dealing drugs, pay your taxes on time, and do not deal with under age women or women who are not allowed to work within the European Union (which rules out most Brazilian escorts, alas) then none of the authorities will actually give a toss what you do or don't do.

Paul was thinking regarding running escorts agencies. Specifically, escort firms in Marbella. He really did not often think about things in the past, or about anything in an especially philosophical way. He was strategic and tactical. The past was background and useful just for drawing lessons from. It allowed him make sure that while planning and drawing up strategies for the future he did not repeat the same mistakes that he and others had made in the past. And after action reviews would always find a lot of problems when you spent your working life managing high class escorts in Marbella and avoiding the approaches of the many criminal type that were attracted to rubbing up against the industry.

Reasonable escort firms tend to run entirely in place where the resident populaces or a high number of site visitors making it worthwhile. A man could pop right into a brothel for a freshener on an impulse on the way back home from their place of work. However being entertained by a companion requires an added level of planning. Especially if you are planning to visit them for an Incall. But even outcalls need some pre-planning. You have to go online to locate the ideal one unless you have actually utilized them previously and know who to call. First you have to make contact and agree details and location. Then wait for them to arrive with you. Or even if you are visiting likely to their place on an in-call, you still need to book ahead and also take a trip to their home. You cannot just turn up at an escorts apartment door like you would at a brothel. Not if you want a warm welcome, anyway.

There are any number of common misunderstandings about running a companion firm, specifically in appealing areas. And possibly much more regarding the kind of individual that would in fact be involved in the operating of that kind of business. The most significant as well as main false impression about Marbella escort agents held by people from outside Spain is about legality. There is the presumption that running a company or a whorehouse is unlawful. It is not. And that opens up a world of options and opportunities which business people such as Paul spend a lot time working on plans to take advantage of. The same way any successful entrepreneur does.  


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