My name is Christina. I was born in the Czech Republic. I am one hundred and seventy five cm tall. I weigh fifty five kilos. That is mainly muscle, hair and breasts! I go to the gym every day, and also swim every other day. It helps to be fit in mu job, for lots of reasons. I am thirty years old. I left school at eighteen. I was supposed to go to university to study art. But I took a year off to go travelling with my boyfriend and I never did go to university Maybe one day. I went travelling with my boyfriend and all was good until we got to Australia. While we were there he got together with a group of guys that I did not like. And while he spent more and more time with them, he spent less and less time with me. And while he was with me, he was trying to persuade me that we should drop our plans and go travelling with his new friends instead. One day the inevitable happened and I came back to our flat and found his things and all of our money and credit cards gone. Even my plane tick…


Well that is a broad question! And like any question you might ask about a large group, the answer is kind of simple but also a bit complicated. So let me break it down a little. Some female escorts are extremely gay. So that means that no matter who the male client is, they cannot find them attractive or get turned on, right? Errrm, no. Escorts who are lesbians might prefer to work with a couple or with a female client, but that does not necessarily mean that sex with a guy is totally repellent to them. Equally, just because a woman is gay does not mean that she would find every female client attractive. In exactly the same way as a heterosexual female escorts will not find every male client attractive. Human sexuality is just not that simple, thank the Lord!

Think of it as a spectrum. At one end of the scale, some clients are just not going to be found attractive by anyone, male or female. If a client is overweight, with bad breath, poor posture, demonstrate bad manners and are rude …

Beautiful But Paranoid Escorts

Lots of women care about what they look good naked. Lots of women are paranoid about whether they are good in bed. Most women want to be seen as beautiful. The majority of women like their style and the way they dress to be appreciated. Now imagine the pressure when your income depends on all four of those things. Well, that is every day reality when you are an escort. I know lots of escort agencies get frustrated or angry with escorts who keep asking about work, looking for reassurance about their looks or comparing the work they get with what other girls get. I am not one of those, I just work hard so that I do not have to be paranoid. But I absolutely understand my “sisters” who do have that problem. And I wish more escort agency owners and receptionists would understand it too. Being an escort is hard enough without being paranoid about normal female concerns too. “Does my bum look big in this?” is not a conversation an escort should need to bother herself with.

I work really h…

I Am A Call Girl Who Likes Variety

I am a call girl and I am totally happy telling people that. But I have a little confession make. I am addicted to watching Mountain Men on the TV. I have just watched a programme where two hunting dogs called Turbo and Capone were hunting mountain lions with their owner. What the heck does this have to do with me being an escort' Well, one of the mountain men stars said that he has always loved getting up in the morning and not knowing what was coming next. Yep, that sounds about right when you are working as an escort. And no, I am not going to make any jokes about escorts waking up and not knowing what (or who) was coming next. Fill in your own joke as you please.

While I do have some pre-bookings so that I can plan my working days around them, most of the time the escort agencies that I work with as I travel around tend to make bookings for anything between five minutes and three hours ahead of time. And yes, I am serious about five minutes. That is what life is like for a …

Escort Security

It started at John Wayne airport, where we were met at the airplane steps by a Lincoln town car with the black suited holding the rear door open. That, by now, was normal. And a black Suburban follow car. Which definitely was not. Nor was the fact that by the way he stood, moved and took in everything, the driver was definitely a professional. And carrying heavy on his right hip. Not the usual “I have seen a few movies so know about everything” shoulder rig that was too slow and too obvious and sure to get you into serious trouble without the ability to get out of it. “Maybe they are Christian Scientists and don't like sex workers getting near their boss.” I thought. Right until I entered the car right after Mistress (as I called her and though of her while we were “on the job”) and saw the second guy in the passenger seat. Another professional; scanning front while the driver scanned rear as the tools of Mistress´s trade were placed in the boot. The guy in the front barely glanc…

The Setting Up Of A Romeo Scam

It took Willie around 10 minutes before he believed that he had built sufficient rapport with Alexandra to start asking some questions to delve into her past and her real situation. He already knew that there was no chance that this woman was going to join his escort agencies in any kind of role. But he wanted to make sure that she really appreciated that this was not down to anything she had done or not done. He began by asking her about her pictures and professional fashions. He was also fascinated by her nearly colloquial English. Though she did have a solid North American accent, which he asked her about as he knew she had never been there.

"Oh, I first began to understand and speak English back home in Albania viewing the cartoons on TV. And almost all the programs have American actors. So that is how I learned to pronounce things. And I just thought every young girl that talked English sounded like that. Which meant that it was not until I saw a couple of motion pictures wh…

Adult Industry Takeover

They had first had contact with (come across?) Besnik about three years ago. And that experience made enough of an impression on him that he had been very happy to come to a friendly and beneficial agreement. He had realised that it was probably a hell of a lot better than the alternative.
It had started quietly enough. A couple of their clubs were approached by Romanian gentlemen looking to supply them with girls. The managers at the clubs could not tell if they were gangsters or not as, frankly, all Romanian males that are not working on farms look like gangsters to western European eyes. In the same week some escort agencies in London had a batch of Romanian escorts approach them. Even more than usual. And they were very stressed about whether they were listed by the agency or not. This raised eyebrows but not alarms. Once is happen stance.
The next week more escort agencies were approached by a batch of Romanian girls. This time in Ibiza and Barcelona. And four clubs in Barc…